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Stellanova is a fast and seamless horizontal action-arcade shooter with expansive environments, vibrant pixel art, and stunning action set-pieces!


In a future several centuries from now, civilizations are beginning to expand across the Milky Way, and Earth now shares a single unified government body.
Due to advanced artificial intelligence, warfare is now entirely coordinated by machines, leaving military training focused on moulding human soldiers into machines of obedience before they reach the front-lines.
No matter how brutal this training is, it still doesn't break everyone however.
Stella Lucera is a 26 year old star-pilot, performing consistently top of her class and without any doubt the most talented and capable pilot in the Star Force.
Despite her exceptional abilities, she has never been placed on a single mission after being considered a severe liability due to her consistent failure to follow orders and her unpredictable nature.
After years of having to stay back from every mission, the planet is threatened by an alien force unlike anything they've ever faced before, and Stella's erratic nature and unique skill set might be the federation's only hope.
Now's the time to shine like a star!

Controls ( Gamepad is recommended )


 Shoot Forward:    X
 Shoot Backward:   Z
 Dash:             C
 Swap Weapon:      A / S
 Close Chain:      Space

Xbox Controller

 Shoot Forward:    A / RT
 Shoot Backward:   X / LT
 Dash:             B
 Swap Weapon:      LB / RB
 Close Chain:      View / Select / RS Click
 Flick Dash:       Right Stick (Analog)

🎬Direction, Art, Programming, Design, and Sound FX 🎬

Brandon Beauregard
Twitter | YouTube


Sean Evans
(Act 2 & Act 2 Boss)
Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube
(Act 3)
Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Bandcamp
(Act 1 & Act 1 Boss)
Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Bandcamp
(Menus and Jingles)
Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Bandcamp

💫 Voice of Stella💫

Madison Lee


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Totally Awesome Shoot Em Up & Amazing Gameplay, Love everything about this game and so glad i donated, Cant wait for the full release & will purchase on day one, Keep up the excellent work guys, Both Thumbs Up :)


This is the most awesome indie Shoot'Em Up I've ever played! I can't wait to play the upcoming game on the Steam Deck!


Made a video


i havent played this yet. but the video i saw seriously got me juiced to play this game. it looks amazing devs. i hope you guys continue adding to this title. i love all the attention yall put into doing stuff that no one has done yet. like the way the play area is expanded above and below the size of the that is shown. the way you play with the background and foreground  is great. i hope ya add the gradius style upgrade meter, i hope yall keep adding much more content to this title. ill be watching this game closely. i am also going to donate to your cause. you guys seem like your trying things that no one else has. i congratulate yall devs. thank you for you effort. please keep making games using the same recipe your using! i think you guys could be great, im gonna be researching yall and tellling eveyone about ya. great job devs


Really impressive shoot em up game. Amazing work!